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Kelley Nelson

“Design is thinking made visual” – Saul Bass

I am a Designer/Marketer based in Tampa, FL.  I have been working in Marketing and Communications roles for the past ten years and received my Masters in English/Communications from the University of North Florida. I’m passionate about web design, graphic design, writing and blogging.

While my work life keeps me busy I love designing websites on the side! I’ve built all types and sizes for churches, small businesses and commercial suppliers. If you’re interested in developing an online presence and showcasing your offerings with a beautiful website, give me a shout! I would love to help out.

Click here to download my resume

Proven track record of implementing & managing successful marketing campaigns

Experience successfully measuring marketing performance, visitor engagement, and evaluating campaign profitability.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Social Media Advertising
Ad Extension Optimization
Quality Score Improvement
A/B Ad Split Testing
Landing Page Optimization
Keyword Bid Management

Experience with a Number of Programs and Software

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