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I’ve had both the immense pleasure of managing hundreds of team members in my career. Kelley Nelson ranks in the Top 3 best colleagues I’ve ever had. Kelley habitually demonstrates drive, initiative, organizational skills, & an emphasis on results-centered productivity unlike anyone with whom I’ve previously collaborated or supervised. There have been projects that we’ve struggled to get traction with for years, & she has gathered information, evaluated the road map, developed a plan, coordinated with other stakeholders, & executed. Kelley has done this again & again. She has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to coordinate cross-functional teams, creatively leverage her network contacts, be mindful of costs, organizational goals, manage multiple disparate tasks, and deliver results. She consistently seeks new knowledge through coursework, online resources, field investigation, and myriad other channels. Kelley quickly synthesizes new concepts, flexes her creative muscles, and steps into any situation to contribute as needed. I am so grateful to work with Kelley and appreciate all she’s taught me about organization, design, web development, and social media marketing. If I could clone anyone, it’d be Kelley. However, she’s such a prolific producer that cloning is unnecessary.

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